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Brainstorm technology makes virtual events come alive

The traditional way of doing business in television has been seriously impacted because of Covid-19, as production dropped all around the world, travel restrictions applied, and many other related issues. However, the current situation also raises opportunities for any kind of virtual production, from remote shooting to virtual events.

As social distancing has become an essential requirement this year, and a reason for the absence of trade shows, Brainstorm has produced a number or Virtual Weeks, which included live webinars and virtual production demonstrations streamed live on the company’s YouTube and Vimeo channels.

For these live sessions, Brainstorm created photorealistic virtual productions with two presenters in their own homes in cities miles away from each other, using InfinitySet with Unreal Engine and different setups – from less complex installations for the presenters to more complex installations involving PTZ cameras and professional streaming. The different options showed the flexibility and power of Brainstorm’s virtual technology to cope with the constrictions of social distancing most countries apply these days.

The result is a dynamic show that demonstrates InfinitySet’s ability to integrate different technologies and produce excellent results no matter the limited resources available ­– even creating photorealistic virtual productions and showcasing complex events like live tele-transportations of presenters, placing them together in the virtual studio simultaneously and with no noticeable time lag.

Other customers in many countries also took advantage of Brainstorm’s virtual technology to overcome the limitations of the pandemic.

Brainstorm technology helped Med Art Basel, Switzerland’s largest medical congress to become a virtual event with great success. Production company Nominary Schweiz GmbH proposed to congress organisers Basel University Hospital the option of deploying virtual production techniques to place the speakers on a virtual set. The same auditorium prepared for hosting the event was converted into a virtual set, and the event streamed live to the audience using InfinitySet and remote training to ensure everything run smoothly.

In Asia, several companies are looking into virtual technology for reinforcing their live production and events. Most recently, Vividthree acquired InfinitySet for creating live augmented reality and next-gen immersive content which opens up exciting possibilities in entertainment, virtual events and remote training. Vividthree is at the forefront of content creation both online and in live environments, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity with the application of the best available technologies.

The Florida company MIG is also producing virtual live streaming events using InfinitySet for many of its clients, designing and creating vivid experiences that inspire very specific actions in its client’s target audience. Because of the powerful features and simplicity of use of the InfinitySet, MIG has provided the service to a number of its clients since day one of the installation, producing complex events like live tele-transportations of presenters shot live in different cities and placing them simultaneously together in the virtual studio. With a system that provides no noticeable lag-time, MIG was even able to bring in live interviews onto a huge video wall by using standard streaming and teleconference applications.

Last but not least, TD Ameritrade Network (TDAN) used Brainstorm’s InfinitySet to migrate its Market Drive physical events into the online realm by placing them on a live virtual Town Hall when the physical events were cancelled due to the pandemic. Broadcast Management Group, Brainstorm Premium reseller in the US, proposed replacing the Market Drive with virtual Town Halls, and within six days, BMG produced an incredibly successful, four-hour-long live Town Hall for TDAN at their Chicago Studio. BMG created all of the show graphics, a complete virtual set, and also configured six remote locations.

After the success of this first event, BMG has produced a second virtual live event and two more are coming up in the next few months.

Brainstorm’s virtual production technology allows connecting companies with their users and audiences in the current time when the human necessity to feel connected becomes essential. By providing virtual technology and even remote training, Brainstorm demonstrates how easy and viable it is for broadcasters and production companies to maintain, or even increase, their high standards of content creation and storytelling not only under normal conditions but also when travel restrictions and social distancing apply.


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