Wallin offers new CSM digital signage solution

WallSign said to be the “first” CMS to enable the import of dynamic content from social media

Digital signage company Wallin is introducing a multi-channel cloud or on-premise content management system (CMS) for digital signage.

Called WallSign, it allows the customisation, deployment, scheduling and monitoring of content across a network of digital displays.

It also allows users to manage thousands of different digital signage platforms from any Internet-connected device, and is said to be the “first” CMS to enable the import of dynamic content from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Being digital signage player-agnostic, WallSign allows large, heterogeneous, multi-manufacturer networks to be integrated into a single solution via a simple cloud-based interface.

Alessandro Messineo, CEO of Wallin, said: “Historically, digital signage users with players from many manufacturers were forced to manage them from disparate platforms, meaning that content and information were disaggregated — resulting in confusion and loss of opportunity.

“WallSign means that need no longer be the case, allowing users to benefit from the strengths of different players for different applications, but managing all of them in a consistent manner from a single platform — improving efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment.”

WallSign will be highlighted at ISE 2017, which is taking place at the RAI exhibition and convention centre in Amsterdam from February 7-10.


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