WarnerMedia Asia Pacific enhances its content distribution security & efficiency

As content delivery security is an ever-increasing concern for broadcasters, WarnerMedia Asia Pacific has tapped on Synamedia’s end-to-end software-defined content delivery solutions to enhance its satellite delivery system.

The move will lead to a significant reduction in bandwidth costs, deliver next-generation security capabilities, and prepare the company’s satellite system for future IP-delivery innovations.

Synamedia, an independent video software provider, revolutionises WarnerMedia’s speed and efficiency of delivering content around the world by leveraging its Virtual Digital Content Manager (vDCM) with Smart Rate Control and Automation, PowerVu Network Center (PNC), and D9800 Network Transport Receiver.

Using machine-learning and Stream Video Quality (SVQ), Synamedia’s patented lightweight and real-time quality metric technology, vDCM can scale automatically to provide “maximum video quality at minimum bandwidth and storage costs”. This enables broadcasters, content providers, and service providers to meet their service requirements for premium picture quality, bandwidth efficiency, and multiscreen transcoding/encoding.

The PNC platform provides “highly reliable” content monitoring and analytics, said Synamedia, while the D9800 receiver can complement the existing satellites distribution with future IP-based delivery options.

The company can also offer configurable hardware and Over-The-Air (OTA) licensing that allows for customisation as part of the video distribution handoff to service providers, thereby protecting their footprint in existing markets while finding new access to revenues.

“Today’s viewers, no matter their location, expect content when they want it and how they want it. Simply put, there’s no room for delay,” added Luis Esparza, senior vice-president of International Technology, WarnerMedia.

“Synamedia understands this fact and has both a robust portfolio of solutions and an impeccable security track record. Our continued partnership is based on proven success.”

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