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Watch Super GT Championship for free, a sister company of Motorsport Network and OTT service provider, has torn down the premium paywall to offer free-to-air live coverage of Japanese Super GT Championship.

The Super GT championship in Japan that took place over the weekend (May 4 and 5) was a showdown between Japan’s esteemed sports car: Lexus, Honda and Nissan.

The main organiser of the GT Championship, GT Association, has inked a deal with Motorsport Network for international broadcasting rights to air 2019 Autobacs Super GT series exclusively in 32 countries within America, Europe, and Russia.

The non-exclusive rights comprise coverage across the rest of the world, such as Malaysia and Thailand. provides live commentary in both English and French. In addition, viewers have the option of watching the race “on-demand”.

All six remaining series this season will be streamed live and for free at Furthermore, the video streaming service is allowing subscribers to gain access to a wide spectrum of motorsport content — over 125 seasons, 1,000 live events and up to 3,000 hours of on-demand content.

Hang on to your seat-belt … free binge watching of motorsports will put you into a spin.

Photo Credits: Motorsport Network


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