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Welcome to the era of OTT 2.0

Ooyala’s State of the Broadcast Industry 2018 report highlights how the tipping point on many OTT consumption fronts has been passed

What was once a steady consumer march into mobile video is now an all-out sprint. Following consumers into this domain are content providers from linear, digital and social worlds, who are providing both short- and long-form content to engage and satisfy, noted Ooyala in its State of the Broadcast Industry 2018 report.

Calling this state of affairs as OTT 2.0, Ooyala also sees the direct path to consumers as being the best route to success for operators. New offerings — shaped by a la carte content menus and local content — are driving OTT 2.0, and a global focus with thoughts on how to localise services is becoming a business imperative for many operators.

Technologies will also have a key role to play. Particularly, content providers across linear and digital platforms are realising that metadata’s ability to keep their teams connected to video assets — and to each other — throughout the entire content lifecycle brings richer insights and rewards. Metadata and analytics will also be integral to the advancement of personalised video and discovery, Ooyala added.

Keeping costs down by increasing efficiencies in other areas, and finding new ways to make money, will also be a priority in 2018 and beyond. From this, a competitive battle is heating up over live TV, which can bring parity to broadcast and OTT — with sports content being a potential kingmaker.

In conclusion, Ooyala pointed out that OTT is growing and moving beyond what the broadcast industry has seen before. In the world of OTT 2.0, success will come to companies in sync with consumers, and who embrace technology, data and new ways of thinking about video content and how to monetise it.

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