What blockchain can bring to the broadcast and media industry


The term “blockchain” raised eyebrows and interest in the media industry when it became the buzz in Cannes earlier this year. For the first time, key players in this emerging industry set up shops at the world’s most glamorous film market: marrying entertainment and technology, opening doors of possibilities to new models of businesses, funding and processes.

When I was in Shanghai last month at the Film Festival, this conversation promptly surfaced as I met with film commissions and producers around the world while sharing about my business, Vuulr, a blockchain-powered marketplace and digital supply chain. There was a lot of interest about the relationship between blockchain and bitcoin, and of course, a lot of curiosity about how it can actually help film and TV businesses with their challenges today.

Blockchain, simply put, is a distributed ledger of information, stored on every participating computer on the blockchain mesh — it does this in a way that means that everyone can trust the version of the truth stored on the blockchain as it cannot be hacked or altered.

Read the full story in the APB Aug 2018 issue.

Ian McKee is founder and CEO of Vuulr

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