What’s the Grimm Great Big Story in Thailand?

In September 2019, Thai park rangers shut the doors of the popular Tiger Zoo and raided the place to find 1,600 tiger parts, including pelts, amulets fashioned from skins, scores of teeth, 40 dead cubs in a freezer and 20 more preserved in jars.

B.Grimm Group, a multinational conglomerate from Thailand, has decided to collaborate with CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) to launch the Great Big Story, a campaign to promote the conservation of wildlife by creating greater awareness of the need to protect animals, including tigers.

The first episode of the Great Big Story will be launched on the Global Tiger Day to highlight how scientists are protecting tigers in Thailand. As promotion of culture heritage is part of the group’s plan, the second story will show Gustavo Dudamel, music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra, guiding musicians using body movement and eye contact.

With mobile consumption on the rise, all content will be distributed via digital and social platforms to reach Great Big Story’s 12 million followers around the world, along with a 60-second video on CNN International titled Moment of Wonder.

The cross-platform content aims to create awareness around culture and wildlife while engaging CNN audiences on topics such as conservation and sustainability. CNNIC further powers this campaign with the latest data technology and targeting tools to reach B.Grimm’s core audiences in Asia and Europe.

The partnership will also showcase a video of B.Grimm’s chairman Harald Link’s commitment towards philanthropic initiatives.

“The power of this new campaign lies in rich storytelling, adept branded content and the cross-platform initiatives across CNN and Great Big Story,” said Sunita Rajan, senior vice-president, Advertising Sales, Asia Pacific, CNN International Commercial. 

“By developing stories echoing B.Grimm’s philanthropic values, we believe this new partnership will help promote a positive mindset around conservation and sustainable living.”

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