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Why Edgeware has shown further commitment to APAC region


The Asia-Pacific media and entertainment industry is one that has always been vibrant because of its high rate of technology adopters. It is the region’s ubiquitous high-speed broadband availability that helps to create this innovative environment. This makes it ideal for service providers to put in place the most advanced, feature-rich Internet-delivered TV services.

This is one of the reasons that Edgeware set up an office in Hong Kong, and has now cemented that presence by establishing a legal entity there so we can better serve the region.

From there, we will be supporting the whole of the Asia-Pacific region, providing localised services to new and existing customers such as TVB — service operators who are delivering beyond viewing experiences over the Internet for their customers.

TVB is a good example with its myTV Super service. This Internet-delivered service uses the latest distribution technologies to provide news and entertainment to over five million viewers. It delivers 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) programming in 50fps with personalised adverts and subtitles that are automatically added — in multiple languages.

It is these kinds of features that provide the ‘beyond broadcast’ experience and set the example for how service operators can deliver the best experience to viewers. More than many regions, Asia-Pacific’s TV providers understand the return they get from audiences when they deliver the best service possible, and that this understanding drives business and innovation throughout the region.

These services are best delivered using privately operated content delivery networks (CDNs). And the dense population of many of the region’s countries lends itself to this kind of delivery method. At Edgeware, we have worked out what the tipping point is, after which it makes economic sense to deploy your own delivery network versus renting space on a CDN-as-a-service.

Many services in the Asia-Pacific region meet the criteria for the number of users, their geographic density, and the amount of time viewers watch for. That means it is quickly evident that using a dedicated network makes better economic sense, as well as provides better quality.

The reason we wanted to show further commitment to the Asia-Pacific region is because it is a very important area for the broadcasting and media distribution industries. From our new permanent position there, we are able to support the whole region from one location, and continue to roll out the most engaging TV services across Asia-Pacific.

Karl Thedeen is CEO at Edgeware.
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