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Why you should look at IP-based KVM for your 4K/UHD broadcast

Loki Ong, vice-president, sales, APAC, Adder Technology, makes the case for KVM systems to be deployed for 4K/UHD productions

The need for native 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) quality across the board is clear, but this is tricky when producers, editors, cameramen and other crew members are out on location so often. Fitting a 4K/UHD-ready monitor and infrastructure into a post-production studio is one thing, but delivering the same quality to an outside broadcast (OB) truck, for example, is another thing entirely.

Broadcasters need to be able to rely on a 4K/UHD solution that will be relevant to each and every broadcast function.
This is where 4K/UHD-enabled, IP-based KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) systems can be incredibly useful.

These work in the same way as regular IP-based, high-performance KVM systems — allowing operators to remotely access numerous computers and applications from a single workstation with a single keyboard and mouse — which are also capable of delivering amazing 4K/UHD image quality, as well as SD and HD.

This gives crew members the confidence and reassurance of knowing that, no matter what the video is they are looking at on-screen, every single pixel is identical to how the original camera operator saw the scene, and this in turn gives viewers the satisfaction of knowing that what they are watching at home is true-to-life.

To read the full article, go to https://apb-news.com/outstanding-4k-uhd-broadcasting-requires-4k-uhd-enabled-kvm-system.


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