Will 4K/Ultra HD come to Asia via OTT?

Is OTT primed to be the leading platform to distribute 4K/Ultra HD content in Asia-Pacific, and what do OTT service providers need to take into account before launching 4K/Ultra HD services in the region?

With the chase to differentiate over-the-top (OTT) services, and deliver the best possible viewing experience for all types of audiences, pumping in as much 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) content seems a logical move. Or is it?

Steve Davis, vice-president and general manager, Asia-Pacific, Ooyala, tells APB: “OTT service providers’ shift to 4K/UHD content means significant additional investment in media infrastructure, much more so if they produce their own content.

“This could include acquisition of new types of video equipment and upgrade of compute power, bandwidth, storage (on premise or in the cloud), and more.

“The ROI for 4K/UHD content needs to come from service or ad revenue, and providers need to decide if their content is compelling enough to justify a premium.”

In essence, launching 4K/UHD content is costly, and it is important for service providers to have deep insights into viewers’ preferences and timing to launch, Davis advises. For example, is there a sufficient installed base of 4K/UHD devices?, he asks. “In markets where videos are predominately consumed through mobile devices, it doesn’t make sense to rush to 4K/UHD, although more and more we are seeing the introduction of 4K/UHD-capable mobile devices.”

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