Will 8K be the norm in the next decade?

The global 8K technology market accounted for US$2.05 billion in 2017, and is expected to reach $68.13 billion by 2026 at a growth rate of 47.6%, Research and Markets, a market research firm, forecasted in its latest report 8K Technology — Global Market Outlook (2017 - 2026).

Although the limited availability of 8K content may restrain growth, the report highlighted several key factors that would support and impact the 8K growth market. These include monetary support by governments, progress in display technology, and rising demand for larger-sized TV sets with advanced resolution.

Furthermore, this higher-resolution technology is increasingly being deployed in applications from different fields such as healthcare and medical, entertainment and commercial industries. 

By geography, the report predicted that Asia-Pacific is expected to hold a “considerable market share” during the forecast period.

This is largely due to Asia-Pacific being the residence to major 8K product manufacturers — such as Hisense, Ikegami, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony — where companies in this region are advancing their construction and broadening their distribution.


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