Wisycom backs RF coverage for Break Cancer

Wireless audio system engineer of European Tour Production (ETP) Victor Lang employs Wisycom’s products for the filming of Danish charity programme

Victor Lang, a wireless audio system engineer for European Tour Production (ETP), has relied on Wisycom to achieve full RF zone coverage while filming a Danish charity TV show, Break Cancer.

ETP, a rental and production company that produces and distributes audio, video and sound for a variety of concerts, TV programmes, live entertainment shows and festivals, has been utilising Wisycom’s products to support the wireless and RF aspects of the production of Break Cancer since April last year.

While on set, Lang deployed a variety of Wisycom’s RF products, which include 20 channels of the MRK960 modular wireless microphone receiver system that fed into the MAT244 programmable matrix combiner for full coverage in studio frequency zones. He also paired the MTK952 dual-wideband transmitter along with the MPR50-IEM wideband receiver.

Lang explained: “The wideband capabilities of the Wisycom products helps me as a frequency coordinator, especially for projects like Break Cancer that have a high channel count. The range on these products is incredible; I’m not limited to small bandwidth, and the audio quality truly sounds amazing.”

Lang specialises in creating multiple-zone RF distribution coverage for large-scale events, and he plans to employ Wisycom’s wireless and RF distribution for upcoming projects with ETP.

“On large-scale projects, there is a large scope of products being utilised that it is essential that everything works together and not against one another,” he concluded. “With Wisycom, I can expect quality, the utmost efficiency and am able to create optimal coverage of the event. Wisycom’s products will always be an essential tool for me to have as a wireless integrator.”

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