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Wohler iVAM2-2 monitor launched

Wohler Technologies, which makes video, audio and data monitoring solutions, has added to their iVAM range with the release of the iVAM 2-2, a 16-channel audio/video monitor.

Building on the successful i  VAM1-1 which was launched mid-2020, the iVAM2-2 can monitor and meter up to 16 channels of 3G-SDI audio and video, plus two channels of analogue audio in a compact 2u format.

“With the release of the iVAM2-2, we’re responding to customer requests and extending our reach from 1u to 2u for those users who would like or who need larger screens and improved audio monitoring.

“This highly configurable AV monitor incorporates our latest technology as well as options for monitoring the latest signals including hitless SMPTE 2022-7,” says Kim Templeman-Holmes, VP of Sales and Marketing.

With a dual 4.3” touch screen front panel, operators can easily toggle between video, meters, loudness measurement and menus. A physical front panel controls provide access to main volume, balance, and auxiliary controls to supplement touch controls.

A HDMI output allows additional external monitoring of the currently-selected video source, while analogue XLR, headphone and selected 3G-SDI outputs are also included as standard. Individual audio channels may be summed, soloed or muted by touch or mechanical control, in line with functionality of previous iAM Series units.

A front-mounted USB port is provided for software updates to support new and emerging technologies while a network interface allows for remote management. APIs allow for easy integration with 3rd party controllers.

For added flexibility, upgrade options are available on the rear panel for monitoring AES3, MADI 64 (incl a fibre option), SMPTE 2110, and SMPTE 2022-6. A rear panel option card slot offers the user the choice of upgrading with either an AoIP card or an additional eight channels of analogue inputs and outputs.


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