Yahoo Finance streams with Ross Video’s solutions

Ross Video has provided its XPression, Streamline and Inception solutions to support live streaming of news coverage for Yahoo Finance

Earlier this month, Yahoo Finance, a media property of Yahoo’s network, launched eight hours of live streaming of financial news coverage. This is the company’s latest example of a digital-native news outlet making its way into streaming news to capture more audience attention on mobile devices, and to compete for television dollars.

Yahoo Finance has around 90 million monthly users worldwide, and is available on Apple TV, YouTube and Roku, as well as social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

As part of the planning for the launch, Yahoo Finance worked with technology partners Ross Video and Astuce Media to bring their technical and creative offerings to the project. 

“Digital media is an entirely different landscape from broadcast media,” said Vanessa Strouse, senior director of operations and creative at Yahoo Finance. “Our customers are very savvy and want accessibility, robust financial news data, and a visually stimulating experience. They want the ability to access free critical financial data, where and how they want it. 

“It was important to partner with companies that offered technological flexibility that would help Yahoo Finance grow our programming and improve our member experience. Ross Video and Astuce Media fit the bill perfectly.”

The new streaming service features a full MOS workflow that includes Ross Video’s XPression 3D graphics platform, Streamline solution for media asset management (MAM), and the Inception system for social media integration.

According to Patrick Twomey, director of marketing product management for the XPression graphics platform at Ross Video, live streaming projects, such as the project Yahoo Finance embarked on, are becoming an increasingly important part of the media landscape. “Traditional news channels and digital media providers have both embraced new platforms and sought out additional ways to engage with viewers through online content. That content has to look fantastic [while] delivering value, and we’re delighted to have worked with Yahoo Finance on this project,” he concluded.


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