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.YES!, SI Media’s multi-platform, multi-database end-to-end solution empowers public agencies in Asia

After successful installations at Television Nacional de Uruguay (TNU), Al-Qabas in Kuwait, and TeleAruba on the island of Aruba, and despite the critical health and economic situations that so many countries are facing this year, SI Media has continued to expand its customer base, this time in Thailand.

Thai systems integrator Centralnics partnered with SI Media to provide all the hardware infrastructure (backend servers, clients, networking and storage from GB Labs) deploying the media asset management platform based on .YES! for a Thai public agency.

.YES!, SI Media’s ultimate user-friendly end-to-end solution, is multi-platform and multi-database. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac, and runs under any database management system including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and MariaDB. It is also the latest web-based and cloud-oriented release of the globally popular SI Media suite of news, automation and broadcast management systems.

From a unique HTML5 web-based client interface, users can manage recording sessions and acquisition of new content, full control of media asset management (MAM), BMS, NRCS, continuity playout and studio contribution.

.YES! is the software platform with individual components that manage SD/HD/UHD/IP from scheduling through to playout and archive. It can control a wide range of third-party device hardware fully integrating with any NAS/DAS/SAN storage, and with any tape-library up to LTO8 and Sony ODA. It can also integrate third parties’ through REST API.

.YES!MAM is fully integrated with production and a wide variety of professional NLE systems. A scalable embedded HTML5 panel for Adobe Premiere Pro is available, while the MAM supports import/export via EDL for several other major brands.

The Thai public agency technical committee selected .YES!MAM to organise its digital archive, updated daily with video files and aggregating the content made by its offices, which, until recently, was based on paper copies and faxes. SI Media planned the installation of the completely redundant MAM, which is equipped with proxy, transcoder and quality check, and managing any type of video as well as the development of new features to ensure simplified management of all documents, scanned and indexed within the system.

The platform provided by SI Media allows the Thai public agency to optimise videos and documents dynamically, adapting the format to many web clients. An important option chosen by the Thai public agency is hierarchical access. Users login to .YES!Web with unique credentials based on specific individual rights or group rights. In addition, the UI of .YES!MAM has been localised in Thai.

The .YES! platform is modular and customisable, providing the customer a high level of flexibility. It fully supports artificial intelligence (AI), performing speech-to-text, cross-language auto-translation of metadata, visual analysis, recognising inappropriate material including explicit visual or prohibited content. The integration with major AI service providers (Google-Cloud, Amazon-AWS, Microsoft-Azure) ensures automatic metadata detection, improving the efficiency and accuracy during ingest and advanced search capability within the MAM system.

Continued support of these and other Asia-Pacific clients remains key to SI Media’s ongoing success and growth in the region.

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