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You can now monetise unused 3D space with Pixotope upgrades

Pixotope, a software platform for end-to-end real-time virtual production solutions, has announced the availability of Pixotope 24.1.0, a release that fully integrates Unreal Engine 5.4, opening up the ability to design motion and production graphics directly in Pixotope. 

With this integration, Pixotope now offers a full broadcast graphics solution for simplified and streamlined augmented reality (AR), virtual studio, extended reality (XR) and character generator (CG) workflows with Unreal Motion Design. 

In addition, this release features an arsenal of innovative updates designed to empower broadcasters with the tools to enhance creativity and reduce complexity in virtual production workflows. The result is that it is easier and more efficient than ever for broadcasters of all sizes to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling to grow and retain their audience to drive new revenue opportunities.

Gideon Ferber, Senior Vice-President of Product at Pixotope, said, “Broadcasters are constantly seeking ways to differentiate their programming. With Pixotope 24.1.0, we are providing them with powerful tools to leverage Unreal graphics in their live broadcasts without complicating their workflows. 

“For broadcasters, these creative capabilities translate into unique revenue opportunities. For example, they can integrate clever advertising seamlessly within programming, effectively monetising three-dimensional space that previously had little to no value.” 

With the integration of Unreal Engine 5.4, Pixotope 24.1.0 delivers motion design capabilities, allowing for complex 2D motion graphics directly within the engine. This enables broadcasters to take their on-air branding and visual storytelling to new heights, creating more engaging and immersive viewer experiences. With this integration, broadcasters can now easily produce highly detailed and photo realistic visual effects, enhancing both storytelling and visual appeal.

In addition to the enhanced creative capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.4, Pixotope’s broadcast graphics solution allows broadcasters to control multiple graphics engines and various aspects of their show simultaneously, integrating with newsroom control systems using the MOS protocol and supporting automation-driven play-outs. These template-based workflows enable broadcasters to easily deliver compelling visual stories to viewers, integrating real-time AR, XR, and virtual studio graphics into their live broadcasts.

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