You don’t get anywhere by sitting still

By Paddy Payne

Two-thirds of Associated Press’ (AP) employees are journalists in offices straddling the globe, and our mission is to tell the world’s stories, from breaking news to investigative reporting. What makes AP truly unique is that it has always been an independent, not-for-profit cooperative not enslaved to a company line or beholden to any government.

But how does an organisation with a 172-year history manage the relentless pace of change? How does AP keep providing content and services to engage audiences worldwide whether via broadcast, online or social media platforms?

Even 25 years ago, before the invention of rolling TV news, newspapers were wondering what digital meant and the potential of the World Wide Web remained a mystery to the majority on a ‘be-bong-be-bong-chrchrchr’ dial-up. Video footage meant a bike and a tape. Interactive meant there was a phone-in. Big data meant a larger font on your spreadsheet.

Nowadays, appointment television and inky paper serve shrinking audiences but demand for a good story with images and text is greater than ever before. With phones in our pockets, we are all story-tellers of course, but credible news outlets must equip their reporters with the resources to be authoritative multi-media story-tellers, still striving to be first and to be right.

The full story is available in the APB September 2018 issue.

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