Zoo Digital expands APAC footprint with Kantana Group

The partnership with Zoo Digital will see Kantana Group expanding its cloud dubbing service into Thailand and Vietnam

Zoo Digital has expanded its two-year-long partnership with Kantana Group in Thailand and Vietnam. As a localisation service provider, Zoo Digital will help Kantana Group to grow its cloud dubbing service.

Gordon Doran, president for Zoo Digital, commented: “I’m delighted to announce that we have extended our partnership and services with Kantana Group in Thailand and Vietnam. We now have an extensive capability for cloud subtitling and dubbing services in key territories in Asia-Pacific, including South Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

“Key goals for Zoo are to increase our global reach through partnerships, and to recruit dubbing talents from around the world — without being constrained by studio locations. This gives content owners the flexibility to choose where they want their dubbing projects to be recorded while making it financially viable to dub a far wider variety of content without compromise to quality.”

Kantana Group is a film and TV production company based in Bangkok, Thailand, which has been utilising Zoo’s software and Zoodubs, a cloud-based dubbing service, to work on in-territory dubbing projects. Under the agreement, Kantana will also help Zoo to build capacity, increase the local dubbing talent pool, and identify suitable in-territory traditional and alternative recording environments.

Surachedh Assawaruenganun, CEO of Kantana, concluded: “The partnership with Zoo has gone from strength to strength, and shows how effectively cloud dubbing promotes collaboration around the world. We’ve had dubbing directors based in Los Angeles give real-time feedback on auditions in Thailand, and it’s amazing to see how quickly people have adapted to this new way of working.”

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